Saturday, March 26, 2011


this is a true story (im not lying).......

This evening, I went to the kiosk at the cafe to buy something. When i wanted to pay, I heard a lady talking to the seller about plastic bag.

seller : I can`t. Today is Saturday and I can`t give you plastic bag anymore. That`s the rule. I had given you one.

lady : So, do you want me to hold this thing with my hands?

seller : I`m sorry but I can`t help you. I can only give you one. I suppose to charge it but I didn`t.

lady : do you think I care about that? (putting some of the things that she bought into the plastic bag angrily)

seller : Ok, here. Take one more.

lady : I don`t need it! (goes back)

seller : I`m just care about the earth. (talking to himself sadly)


Actually, i`m a little bit surprise about the lady`s attitude. It is not a big problem for her to carry the bread that she bought with her 2 hands. Even a child can do that! The bread is lighter than her shoes! I think that she needs to learn how to blend into the society and stop being selfish. Hello, your earth is mine too and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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