Thursday, April 7, 2011

your heart is harder that a stone....

this story had happened to me last weak.....

one of my friends, Z told me that my classmates and i need to go to the main hall at 9 p.m. But she told me on 8.30, i rushed to the main hall with some of my classmates. We went there quickly and tried to walk as fast as we can. When we arrived, the main hall was empty. nobody there. We were shocked but we still think positively. maybe the lecturer had something to do first. so, we waited and waited and waited.

after a few minutes, we got a message from Z that she had stomach ache and she could not join us. ok... at that time, we thought that everything is going to be fine.

30 minutes later, we started to feel the fire in our heart. so, we called the lecturer and asked her what is going on. we was surprised when she said that she asked us to go to the main hall on 9 am not 9 pm. we were a little bit angry with Z. no, we were REALLY angry with her.

but she, she just act like that is not her fault and she does not have anything to do with it. at least, show some sympathy or guilty face to us not smiling and annoying face. actually, this is not the first time i hate her. everything that come from her mouth are lies. she never know how to be honest and admit her mistakes. her annoying face make she looks like a tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt......

i wonder, how can a person cant be a person?


  1. be patient my fren.. if she were not destined to changed, let it be...

  2. Z ?? is it me...huhuhuhuhuhu
    im sorry hani if id ever did something that made u guys angry ...wuwuwu

  3. marah benor hang ngn dy eh,,,hani, cmne jahat pn org pada kita, jgn lak buatkan kita terarah utk menjadi seperti dy(bnda ni berlaku time kita rsa nk blas dndam n kita wt bnda yg sma kt dy)
    sebab 2 la pentingnye, bla kita ada msalah dgn sese0rg, kita kna g jmpa dy, n gtaw pe yg kita x puas aty ngn dy..dy nk marah n x puas aty ngn kita, dy pnya pasal, yang pnting, kita buat ape yg kta perlu bt..[hrap dy brubah la ngn ape yg kita kata]..kalo kita, duk cakp kt cni, x slesai kot bndanya..n buat msa ni, bnda yg pling pnting adalah SABAR..n jgn mudah nk mlenting..