Tuesday, August 16, 2011


pa pendapat korang tok orang2 yang sanggup brubah untuk memuaskan hati pasangan masing2? relevan or not?


they want us to change because of our relationship with them...they care for us and love us...mungkin dia rasa yg klu kta brubah, kita akan jadi insan yg lebih baik, bukan untuk diri dia sendri tp tok org lain jgak...when they are close to us, they can know our weakness and help us to be better...or maybe perubahan tu boleh rapatkan lagi hubungan!!!

x patut!!!!

if they want to be with us, they need to accept us willingly.... if they want us to change that shows that actually they feel that we are not perfect for them and they hope that we can be someone else.... they try to change us according to their needs...can they just accept us????

what u guys think???


  1. yup, u don't have to change for your partner, but change for your own good..