Monday, March 18, 2013

Bedak Arab review

after almost a year i stop writing nonsense things in this blog, well, thinking about what i should write and what should i say and what should i share, and so on, and so and so on...... so finally, i had decided to write my own review about make up products! 

# since it is my new hobby now...

so, lets get started with.......................................


i`m` sure all of us know this.. well, for those who dont, this is what we call BEDAK ARAB KOKURYU...

its one of the latest and hottest make up product in the Internet now... 


1) 3 in 1 make powder,moisturizers,foundation.

2) the colour depends on the concentration of your bloods...wooowww
3) natural look

4) last for more than 8 hours

5) halal and you can use it while praying

6) don`t stick on your scarf

# this is what i got from the internet

 + ve review?

1) last for hours compare to another products but not 8 hours

2) look natural

3) makes my skin look smooth and glowing

4) easy because its 3 in one.. so, it help me to save my time a lot

5) the sponge works really well 

6) and of course, easy to buy because you can just get it from the internet

- ve review?   

1 ) well, when i tried this, i found out that the powder do not stick its colour on your finger when you touch it.. so, its a MUST for you to use the wet sponge to apply the powder..

2) its quite a problem to bring it when you are traveling because the powder and the sponge are separate.. the powder must be kept in the box while the sponge in the plastics

3) you cant buy extra sponge  

so overall, i give 4/5 stars for this product.. will i buy it again? well, yes!



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