Sunday, September 4, 2011

Should smoking be banned like other drugs?

hey, currently i'm working on my essay about "Should smoking be banned like other drugs?". what do you guys think? should or shouldn't?

i have a few points about this but i really hope that you will help me.

The pros of smoking:

1) Most of the smokers believe that they feel a very strong bonding with other smokers.
2) Smokers enjoy a sense of gratification by smoking.
3) Smoking cigarettes give smokers the feeling of creating a ritual.
4) Nicotine gives a feeling of pleasure to the smokers.
5) Watching the smoke swirl and the cigarette burn is a fun for most of the smokers.

The cons of smoking:

1) Cigarette smoke leaves an after smell on everything: your clothes, car and home.
2) You may not be able to breathe properly.
3) You may have a nagging cough all day and night.
4) You may suffer from severe headaches, and occasional migraines.
5) You may feel dizzy after smoking cigarettes too fast

when we banned smoke, we can protect the other such as innocent passive smoker. but, if we banned smoke, we will face a big problem because the police will arrest all the smokers just like people that take drugs and the prison will be too crowded. so, what do you guys think??


  1. smoke of the cigar leave the air so healthy..u know. it kills the bacteria.. [adapt from, saturday's hindustan]..:P

    btw,does this essay accept religious view? if so, u knew the ans already..

  2. its difficult to decide because everybody have different opinion and i cant decide yet...u know why right?

  3. yeah2,,
    so why not take the common one..

    it shud be banned bcoz its killing us slowly, not only the smokers , but the secondhand's smoker too..

    i think it wont be ban, they make money out of it..

    im sorry, this comment doesnt help u at all..