Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gorgeous Days!!!!!

my beloved students

Last friday and saturday, i went to a school in Terengganu for a program called A Weekend In English. It is to encourage primary school students to learn English and of course, it is an "unofficial" train for me to be a teacher. At first, i really think that it is just a simple program. Just go there and teach but at last, i pray to God so it will never end.....

It really fun when you have someone that just know you that called you TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When i saw what my students write on the black board for me, i really feel that i want to cry!!!! They are really good, cute and funny. They show me how far i can be in one1s life. They have make me confident that i have choose the right path in my life. They encourage me more and more.... I really miss them all....

I never feel this feeling before. It really encourage me to be a better person. Besides, from this program, i have learned my weakness in teaching. I have a little bit problem in classroom management and how to make passive students to participate in classroom activities. Well, i guest that these are the common problem for a new teacher, just like me.....:)

Really hope that one day, I will be a great teacher....

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